100% Dark Chocolate Protein Filled Bars

Sir, follow me please,” he says, as he walks you down a narrow corridor under dozens of security cameras that turn in your direction after every step you take. After ten minutes, you finally reach it: number 2768. You put your thumb on the fingerprint scanner and the door slowly opens revealing your fortune: five thousand and seven Ecuadorian 100% dark chocolate bars, filled with different kinds of protein powder :-) Hehehe, ah! they were Wild. I bought these mini-bread-shaped silicone moulds and wopa if they’re not amazing for making protein-filled chocolate.


37g 100% chocolate
15g vanilla protein powder
5g chia seeds
10g ground oatmeal mix


1. Melt 20g of the chocolate and cover half the mould

2. stick it in the freezer

3. Make filling mix with vanilla protein powder, chia seeds, ground oatmeal mix, and a tiny bit of milk

4. Place filling in the chocolate and freeze again

5. Melt another 17g of the chocolate to cover it and freeze again

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

19.4g fat
13g carbs (0.6g fiber)
13g protein

Macros really depend on what you want to stuff it with, you can use all kinds of protein and I would imagine casein would be ideal because it’d be creamier and smoother. Whey however, worked wonders :-D It looks totally shiny and crazy when it comes out and you can slice it in half, into quarters, and just eat part of it – save the rest for later (this being one of the beauties of 100% chocolate, it’s deep and rich enough that with only a bit you’re already in the clouds). Now, I couldn’t find the calories for the macros for the chocolate I used so I’m going to pretend I used 37g of Lindt’s 90%.

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