Chocolate Latte Protein Powder Cups

If you can turn a deaf ear to my over-realiance on uhhhh and the general randomness of my unstructured commentary, turn to youtube to hear the basics of this ridiculously easy recipe. Here, I’m just going to outline the ingredients and the macros.


20g latte whey protein
23g chocolate hemp protein powder
18g coconut flour
50ml coconut milk
40g 90% dark chocolate
Pinch of (red) chili powder
Ground espresso beans


Take a look at the youtube video for instructions!

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

6.7g fat
3.7g carbs (2g sugars/3g fiber)
8.3g protein

PS – check out my casein protein chocolate cups, same process as that discussed in the video but using casein, yum yum yum :-D