Choco Latte Protein Cake

Today is Baby’s birthday and I wanted to make a cake in his honor (and eat it since he’s in Paris and, sadly, I’m not). Granted, he’s turning 22 and is my brother so really, no baby at all, but hey, ‘once a baby, always a baby,’ as “they” say ;-) Joyeux anniversaire Paul-Henri! :-))))))) Ingredients:

50g applesauce
chocolate hemp protein powder
5g cocoa powder
20g hulled hemp seeds
100g egg whites
 latte-flavored whey
10g fresh strawberries
10g cooked sweet potato
some espresso to bind it all together
baking powder

[For layers]
60g creek yogurt
30g latte-flavored whey
10g coconut flour


1. Blended it all together and baked it for around 15 minutes at 170 celsius on a flat nonstick cookie tray.

2. Took it out of the oven and stuck it in the fridge. An hour later I took it out, cut it up into rectangles, and proceeded to tower it up and layer it with: 60g of greek yogurt which I had mixed together with 30g of latte-flavored whey + 10g coconut flour.

3. Sprinkled the whole thing with cocoa, added a strawberry on top and boooom!!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

41g protein
18g carbos (12.7g fiber)
11g fat

The filling adds…
30g protein
6.4g carbos (3.7g fiber)
3.6g fat

It’s a super high protein beast that will melt you with the softness, moistness, choco-latteness, and downright yahooness of its flavor :-D

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