Apple & Raspberry Whey Isolate Zest with Yogurt & Fresh British Strawberries

Today, I tried something totally new: Whey Isolate Zest from Myprotein. Truth is, I usually don’t like fruity wheys but this! oooo, THIS!!! :-))))))) I made it using their Apple and Raspberry flavor and mmm!!! So fruity and bowl-lickable! Have you ever been to Greece? Well, there you can find all kinds of flavored greek yogurts that are thick and yummy, not watery and kind of beh like the ones one finds on supermarket shelves a lot. THIS yogurt concoction here reminded me 100% of the strawberry yogurts found there: thick, fruity, and delicious :-D And what was it?


1 tub Total greek yogurt
20g whey isolate
200g pureed ripe strawberries


Mix the three together and enjoy!

Macros per Serving:

0g fat
22g carbs (4g fiber)
34g protein