Tutti Frutti Xtend Jello with a Twist

Yesterday, I asked people here to guess what this was and Chef Dennis (un vero chef!) took the ‘prize’ with ‘jello’ and then threw the word ‘parfait’ like a cherry on the icecream of his triumph :-)This is the first attempt at this so, Chef, if you’re reading this, feel free to roast my methodology.Ingredients:

apple Xtend
sugar free peach jello


Normally, jello is made my 1. dissolving the gelatine in hot water + adding a glass of cold water -> mixing -> fridging. HERE, instead of adding a glass of cold water, I used a glass of ice + real strawberries and, instead of whisking, I threw it in the blender so it’d froth.

Macros per Serving (out of 5):

6.2g carbos (1.2g fiber)
13g protein

I wanted to use plain old gelatine to keep the artificial sweeteners to a minimum but I didn’t have any around so peach it was. I’m calling it ‘tutti frutti’ (‘all fruit’) because to the apple Xtend and the peach jello, I added fresh strawberries (they’re the ‘twist’).

Result? Fantastic twist on regular jello! As it congeals overnight, the mousse rises to the top so you’re left with this great texture fusion at the end which turns the eating of jello up a pleasure notch.

Should have put them in little bowls so it’d picture more aesthetically but hey, for today, one bowl -> one spoon -> one woman.