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Tuna Melt on Protein Bread

OK this is kind of a faux post since it’s basically the bread I posted below but this turned out really tasty so there ya have it.


Protein bread
Green chili powder
Garlic powder


1. Toast two slices of protein bread in coconut oil

2. On the side, mix the tuna with paprika, mayo, green chili powder and garlic powder

3. When the bread is nice and toasty, throw it in the grill with the tuna and some cheese

4. Top with organic hummus and parsley

Macros per serving:

For 2 slices of bread
5.3g fat
10g carbs (5.3g fiber)
22.5g protein

For the whole thing
24g fat
12.3g carbs
61.5g protein

The bread was so crunchy and with the tuna and cheese mmm!!! :-D

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