Sweet Potato Vanilla Protein Fluff in a Cinnamon Protein Cone

Imagine you’re sitting down, eating your eggs, sipping your coffee, when suddenly you see someone emerge out of the kitchen with crazy hair licking some what-the-hell-looking ice-cream. Hehehe, welcome to our world :-)


94g frozen sweet potato
32g vanilla whey
Vanilla essence
0.5g xanthan gum
15-20ml coconut milk
70g liquid egg whites
5g coconut flour
6g pea protein powder


1. Use first 5 ingredients to make protein fluff (whip it all together)

2. Stick fluff in freezer

3. Mix next set of ingredients and cook like a pancake in a pan

4. Wrap up pancake/cone thing and put frozen fluff in cone

Macros per serving (out of 1) for fluff:

3.2g fat
19g carbs (8g sugars/2.8g fiber)
26g protein

Macros per serving (out of 1) for cone:

1.3g fat
2.4 carbs (1g sugars/2g fiber)
13g protein


Now, this, in my modest opinion, was a revelation. The cone didn’t turn out crunchy which was :-( It was more like a pancake so on that note it was somewhat of a failure BUT I found out that the ingredients make one delicious combination, reminiscent (I know it will sound odd but believe me) of cinnamon roll!!! Bizarre? I know. I cooked the mixture like a pancake and folded it halfway through so it’d seal into a cone shape (it did). Anyways, I stuck 4 almonds in the fluff and stuffed it in the ‘cone,’ topping it with extra cinnamon halfway through. Next time, should make the cone crunchier and what not. The sweet potato fluff though? Well, I generally love cooking sweet potatoes and mushing them with vanilla whey + cinnamon so I definitely fell for this fluff! Plus, eating it straight up like this, without involving The Spoon? Well, ahhh the fun!

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