Saffron. Banana. Vanilla. Protein. FLUFF.

Have you ever bought saffron? By weight alone, it’s the most expensive spice in the cosmos. Stemming from its price, its scarcity, and the fact that, aside from adding it to paella, its usage has always escaped me, I’d never bought it before. Well, at the market yesterday I found a jar of saffron and in the basket it went.


Frozen banana
Vanilla essence
Vanilla whey protein powder
Xanthan gum
Hot water


1. Grab a few threads of saffron and soak them in 5 tablespoons of hot water.

2. Let sit in water for a few minutes.

3. Take out saffron and put water in freezer to freeze slightly

4. Meanwhile, grab the frozen banana and throw it in a bowl with vanilla, milk, vanilla whey, xanthan gum, and some of the saffron water.

5. Blend and whisk before adding the rest of the saffron water.

6. Top with cinnamon.

Macros per Serving: N/A

Saffron water color: (color name: saffron, aka RGB #F4C430).

Amazing, the saffron is amazing. How can one describe its utterly delicious and unique taste? I don’t think it’s possible. For a tiiiiiny bit of saffron you get suuuuuch a punch of taste!

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