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Protein Bacon Ice Cream

How about it huh? I first came across this when a (vegetarian) friend voiced her outrage. I think the original idea may have been David Lebovitz’ although don’t quote me on it; I may be wrong. All I know is that the amount of ‘bacon ice creams’ out there has massively expanded! At first I thought Y-U-C-K, no way! but the more I saw it the more intrigued I became until I saw George do a ‘paleo’ version of it and decided it’s worth a shot ;-)


frozen big banana
40g vanilla whey protein
0.5g xanthar gum
2 tablespoons coconut milk
2 bacon strips


1. Mix all but the bacon in a blender or w/ a stick blender.

2. Meanwhile, I grilled some bacon and when it was crunchy enough, I chopped it up and mixed it in.

Result -> WHOA! WHAT!? Delicious!!! Crazy! It MUST be tried! The flavor combination -> Oy! 

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

52g protein
37g carb (4.4g fiber)

TRY IT! And let me know what you think :-)))))

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