Homemade Protein Bars


50g peanut butter
50g ground oats
40g protein powder
20g coconut flour
nilla essence


1. The mixture was really sticky so, in a separate bowl, I put some additional coconut flour and proceeded to coat the bars and shape them. Adding a coating of coconut flour is crucial because it allows for the bar to have a ‘protein-bar-shape’ (otherwise they’re too sticky to handle) and it makes the chocolate stick to the bar a lot better.

2. When all ‘protein-bar shapes’ are made and coated in coconut flour, you coat them with melted dark chocolate (I just melted half a bar of 85% Lindt).

3. When ready, you just stick them in the fridge for a while and oooooooooola laaa!

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

14g protein
15g carb (7g fiber)
14g fat

Goodbye store bought XYZ-filled-hm-hm-tasting protein bars! Heya homemade goodness :-)))))))))) Now, remember that you can tweak the recipe to match your own taste and macros. You can, for example, add nuts, seeds, dried fruit, spices, herbs? (maybe not herbs), more protein, less oats (or quinoa), other nut butters, rice/buckwheat crispies! dates, etc. Enjoy!

[Because I’m aware the above is slightly wordy and possibly confusing, here’s the basic gist = Make a sticky protein mix by mixing nut-butter + protein-powder + oats/quinoa-flakes + whatever else you like in your bars -> coat them in coconut flour and give them rectangular shapes -> coat them in melted chocolate -> fridge them -> boom!]