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Omelet Protein Sandwich with Avocado & Sundried Toms

Sundried tomatoes + avocado = GREAT combination! I made these ‘sandwiches’ with:


4 egg whites
8g pea protein
some mustard

Adding the pea protein to the whites works because it turns them a lot more pancake like.

I should have used more, maybe 10-15g so the effect is even better but I didn’t bring pea protein with me on this trip and only had 8g from last time so yeah.

It’s kind of like a wacked out omelet but you can eat it like a sandwich so it’s like a weird cross between the two in a way ;-)

I used 25g of sundried toms + 30g of avocado + the egg and pea protein.

Macros per Sandwich:

23g protein
6.7g carbos (4g fiber)
9g fat

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