More Veg Protein Bread


207g egg whites
30g superveg
5g wheat bran
25g coconut flour
12g chickpea flour
10g unflavored hemp protein powder
sea salt
baking powder


In the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees (c).

Macros per Serving (out of 10):

3.5g protein
4.4g carbo (2.2g fiber)
7g fat (from the coconut)


I made a grilled cheese sandwich and threw an anchovy in there for good measure which turned out not working flavor-wise so it was removed. The bread tasted really veglike and the texture quite nice with the cheese and the having been fried in coconut oil. 

I think I should play around with the recipe more though, add some quinoa flakes (current stocks are awaiting replenishing), this or that. The thing with coconut flour is that, much like brown rice protein, it tends to make baked foods very DENSE so it’s fine in small quantities but when you go crazy with it it kind of takes over what you’re baking and suddenly you find yourself eating something that “ain’t quite right.”

This bread had 25g which was JUST, I think, on the borderline of “this works” and “hmmm.” I guess that’s one of the beauties of coconut flour though, that, while it’s expensive for what it is, it lasts a lawwwwng time since you only need a little bit. The superveg powder I’m still becoming acquainted with. All in all, the idea of powdered veg is rather strange and certainly beyond the line of acceptability if used as a substitute for veg but, as flour for savory stuff, I think it has potential (I’m going to try using it for veg-filled crepes (hopefully the real veg won’t freak out)).