A Mocha Protein Muffin Gone Wild

It all began quite innocently. See, they were supposed to be just mocha protein muffins.

Muffin Ingredients:

1 shot and a half espresso
41g chocolate hemp
100g liquid egg whites
35g hulled hemp seeds
1 egg
15g brown rice protein
35g coconut flour
baking powder

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

15.2g protein
6g carbos
6.5g fat

I mixed the batter roughly because I like biting into things and running into coconut. This morning, I noticed they looked a bit dense and, though they were really tasty as muffins, it was time for some experimenting.

I was about to do a vanilla frosting with some yogurt + etcs but then I remembered: the fudgemuffin icecream. This is when the whole story began. To an unsuspecting new eye, seeing someone eating this (“and for breakfast!”) would probably result in head-shaking and she-must-be-trying-to-put-on-The-Pounds-type chat. But really?

There were zucchinis in there. A bunch of sweet potato. Beetroot. Hulled hemp seeds. No sugar. Unsweetened cocoa. Ey! I discovered something grand: you can make fluff out of whatever you like. I made it using only my fudgemuffin icecream (100g of it) and some whey.

It turned out unbelievable. Like a mouse, a ridiculously delicious cold chocolate mousse. OK, it was protein fluff but it was highly reminiscent of mousse. I topped a muffin with it and thought it looked kind of droopy so I put the muffin in a bowl and drowned it with fluff. Oh, the thing was ludicrous.

The muffin was cold (it had been in the fridge), with a deep mocha-mmmm-!!!! going for it and the coconut bits –> aaaaaa!!! + the velvety and chocolateful fluff? Well, baaam –> Speechless.

The above mixture yielded 4 muffins. Like I said, I made the topping using 100g of the fudgemuffin icecream (but really, you can just use a frozen: cooked sweet potato + cocoa + vanilla whey) + 25g vanilla whey. Make this and rejoice!


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