Latte Whey Protein Cake

I made these babies using five ingredients!


34g Myprotein’s latte flavored whey
188g canned unsalted black beans
21g chocolate hemp protein powder
2 whole eggs
6g coconut flour


1. Blend all ingredients together and bake it at 170 celsius for around 20 minutes

2. Stick them in the fridge for a few hours

3. Dunk them into a big cuppa (+ coconut milk) java! (optional)

Macros per serving (out of 18):

0.72g fat
2.11g carbs (0.26g sugar/1.11g fiber)
3.16g protein

I forgot to add baking powder and baking soda though, oops. Oh well. Though I wished I had had a sweet potato around to counter the wheyness a bit more, to be honest, dunked in the coffee these bad boys were excelente! I love love love this latte flavored whey protein, mmmm… OK, sure, you can probably attain a similar flavor by adding coffee to your whey but, even so, this is absolutely delicious! The whey has a kind of nutty undercurrent to it and a milky m->mm ->mmm to it hehe. Ay, I can’t wait to continue playing around with it until the perfect Coffee Cake is arrived at. You just wait; the day is soon upon us ;-) What I’m thinking of doing is adding the sweet potato + maybe some quark and who knows what else to ensure that it comes out thicker still (i.e. less airy).