Hemp & Coconut Beetenwuh Chocolate Cakes

They’re not really cakes, they’re more like truffle patties. See, like I think I must have already mentioned, I usually loathe beetroot with almost the same passion as raisins but unlike raisins, I love the idea of beetroot – the texture, the goodness behind the gorgeous red and so on. I noticed I had some left over from the red velvet cake a few days ago so => experiment time (I hate food wastage). 

All in all, they turned out surprisingly tasty! After living in the fridge for a few hours, they are absolutely and utterly delicious and not overly beetlike at all :-D They’re mushy, like truffles? but softer. 


171g cooked beets
50g coconut flour
60g chocolate hemp protein powder
7g powdered egg whites
100ml coconut milk


1. into a bowl -> mushed together with a handheld

2. pressed onto grated coconut -> fridged -> eaten. 

The ingredients above yielded 7 cakes. I ate three, the floor ate one, and the fridge holds the rest :-) 

Macros per Serving (out of 7):

6.2g protein
4.5g carbo(5.5g fiber)

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