Stina’s Chocolate Coconut Protein Cake

The cake turned square because someone ate the edges (WHO would DO such a THING! hehe). Feel free to make it and keep it round though, it will help make your slices more even :-) Bueno, regardless of this fact, it looked pretty handsome and I am happy with the ‘frosting’ because it turned out amazing!! It spread really nicely with a knife and you can feel like a proper chef, dressing the cake and all :-)))


215g liquid egg whites
158g cooked unsalted black beans
43g strawberry hemp protein powder
14g chocolate hemp protein powder
19g coconut flour
20g cocoa
30g hulled hemp seeds
45ml coconut milk
15g mayonnaise (<–I know, odd, but it worked)
60g sunflower seed butter (homemade or store bought)
1 pot Total 0% greek yogurt
14g coconut flour
Toffee flavdrops
Vanilla essence


1. Mix first 9 ingredients together and bake at 170 celsius for 30 minutes

2. Horizontally slice the cake

3. Spread sunflower seed butter on cake

4. Make frosting with greek yogurt, coconut flour, toffee flavdrops, and vanilla essence.

Macros per serving (out of 1):

For the cake
46g fat
51g carbs (8.4g sugars/27g fiber)
62g protein

For the Frosting
2g fat
9.8g carbs (5.2g fiber)
18g protein

I made this cake for Stina who’s come to visit for a few days from Sweden (Stina is the reason this blog even exists! She gave me the idea to do this). We had it alongside some tea and ooooyyyyyy glorious!!!! Chocolate: + sunflower seeds = success. It’s amazing to think about how easy it was to make it and how nice it looks, no?

I used strawberry hemp protein powder in here by ACCIDENT. I meant to use all chocolate protein but, in retrospect, this added such a great dimension to the cake!! You know how some chocolate cakes have strawberry jam inside them? Well this had it in the mix hehe :-) Feel free to play around with your flavors, sometimes accidents too yield greatness! Yum yum yum :-D

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