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Brazilian Elvis Goober Burger on Hemp Goji Bread

What is UP with the ridiculous name? Well. The Elvis burger, like I mentioned in another post, has bananas (+ bacon). The Goober has nut butter (peanut butter). This burger right here has bananas + brazil nut butter onto a Hemp Goji Bread that I made the bread using 5 ingredients.


106g egg whites
16g unsweetened hemp protein powder
15g superfood
5g hulled hemp seeds
20g goji berries
1 banana sliced
1 venison patty


1. Whisk everything and grill for 10 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, fry a venison burger and, next to it, a sliced banana on coconut oil.

3. When the burger and the bread are done: boooom = throw it all together.

Macros per Serving for the bread (out of 1):

4.8g fat
17g carbs
22g protein

The ‘bread’ was fantastic; it came out flat so I cut it in two halves. It had the sweet and ‘cruchiness’ of the gojis and the mmm of the superfood veginess and ah :-)))))))))

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