Blueberry Chocolate Whey Protein Pancakes


5 egg whites
4 tablespoons frozen
half a banana
3 tablespoons whole psyllium
baking powder
3 scoops isopure
chocolate whey
1 tablespoon cocoa


Cook like a pancake.

Macros per Pancake:

24g protein
4g carbo (2.5g fiber)
0.8g fat

Yummy but they need nut butter on top or syrup or something because, well, they’re whey pancakes and whey pancakes, like you know and can tell from the pics, turn out a bit kind of rubbery when using whey alone as the main dry(ing) ingredient.

A sweet potato or pureed pumpkin alongside some quinoa flakes , oats or hulled hemp seeds would have taken care of THAT but having none around, none was used.

Anyways flavor wise, delicious. I fried them all at once (wohoooo) on coconut oil on hot hot hot pans which were brought down to medium after the first round of sizzzzzle.