Ultra Dark Chocolates with a Whey Protein Powder Based Filling – Take 1


Various things contributed to the fact that this didn’t turn out to be a complete and utter success. Truth is, the whole project lacked sufficient theorization. With some things, like actual chocolates, one can’t just ‘go with the flow.’ Oh well, it was useful because it brought several things to light that will make the next batch far superior:

1. Making a filling out of predominately whey protein ends up overly sticky (vis-a-vis using a hemp-based filling like last time)
2. I’m sure a whey filling CAN work though BUT one has to remember to use less filling and COVER the chocolate so it doesn’t ooze out.
3. I didn’t use any nut butter above so maybe this played a factor in the collapse of these babies .
4. I am not discarding the fact that I may have taken them out to early though
5. You can use less of the chocolate bar by throwing a bunch of pure cocoa and coconut oil to the bain marie, that way, you end up with less sugar and more of a dark and bitter chocolate ummph
6. Vanilla cinnamon fillings are amazing, especially with coconut in there!
7. A blend of proteins works great, flavor wise, mmm – i.a. vanilla whey + brown rice protein? Yum.

Filling #1:

brown rice protein
vanilla whey protein
egg white

Filling #2:

vanilla whey
chocolate hemp

Macros per Serving: N/A

On the whole, they were absolutely delicious (though this is not surprising given the ingredients) and they powered up one hell of a lifting sesh so I still, structural issues aside, give them thumbs up.

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