Triple Decker Berry Protein Pancakes

Woke…up with no idea what to have for breakfast. The fridge had a bit of quark, a tiny bit of liquid egg whites, some blueberries and other random stuff. When out of breakfast ideas -> pancakes.

I found a pizza base inside the fridge too. Well, it wasn’t actually a pizza base, I was thinking of making a chocolate protein pizza and made a protein chocolate base for that so that was there. Decided to try to sandwich my pancakes with it (the pizza will have to wait for another day) but it didn’t really work too well because the pancakes were too fat, moist and heavy (a great combo which made them delicious solo or with just the squished banana, mmmmm).


14g quark
1 egg white
38g blueberries
20g ground almonds
20g chocolate hemp protein powder
29g goji berries


1. I mixed them roughly because I like biting into the berries and seeing them explode. I fried the pancakes in coconut oil and boom, finito. Making pancakes with ground almonds -> YES!

2. I layered some of the pizza base with banana but it was kind of huh-looking and, like I mentioned, impossible to bite into (unless you have a Steven-Tyler-type mouth in which case, maybe) so I had to dissemble it but ay! what delicious pancakes!

Macros per Batch:

22.3g protein
12.7g carb (8.2g fiber)
25g fat

Turn for the recipe card! :-D

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