Protein Crepes with Moose & Asparagus

I love moose. It’s subtle in its flavor but rich in its meatiness and grrrawwwr factor. It’s not very beefy, I would say it tastes like horse (!!!!!) but I’ve never had horse (phew) so I have no idea… so what am I saying? Well… errr… I guess you’ll have to try it if you travel up to these northern lands ;-)

Here are some slices I got at the store with mustard, mayo, and some asparaguy – YOOOM! :-D As you can tell, it’s a really lean meat per 100g = 102kcals, 22g protein, 0.9g fat (0.5g sat) and 0 carbos.

I should say the crepes were top notch, it’s kind of why I’m posting this since I guess I don’t need to ‘sell’ moose.


4 egg whites
10g pea protein
soy sauce


Blend & fry in a non-stick pan.

Macros per Serving: N/A

They turned out really nice and pliable, soft, moist and yummy, especially with a sharp mustard -> mmm! I love that one can make crepes so many different ways with so many different flavors in there, ah yes :-D

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