Pea Protein & Hemp Seed Mini Pancakes with Mackerel

So, you get back from the gym, throw your bag on the floor, walk into the kitchen, wash your hands, look around, and see a bunch of protein powders.

No idea what you ‘feel’ like having so you open your cupboard and find some tinned mackerel. You think, ‘why not?’ so you take it out. Then, you turn to the powders. Whey? Nah. Rice or Hemp? No. Pea it is. You open your fridge, check out some carrots, decide naaah, and out come the egg whites and alongside a bag of hulled hemp seeds, boom. Pancakes it is.

You need a spice so you walk out, scissors in hand and chop some rosemary from the big bush. You come back in, mush it all together into a batter (hemp seeds, egg whites, pea protein, rosemary). Something is missing so you throw in some nutritional yeast and sea salt. You fry them up on a nonstick and turn to the can; empty its containers in a bowl adding mayo, mustard, tomato paste and dried parsley. Flip a pancake, flip another, flip the third. Top it with the fish and there you have it. Ten minutes, tops.


Pea protein
egg whites
hulled hemp seeds
fresh rosemary
nutritional yeast
sea salt


1. Mix the ingredients above

2. Fry like a pancake

Macros per Serving (out of 1): N/A

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