Orange Chocolate Protein Brownies

I got a free sample of orange whey and, looking at it, I thought maybe it could be juiced for something yummy… truffles maybe? No! -> Orange Chocolate Brownies!! :-)))))

Now, I usually make brownies using beans, it makes them moister, thicker, heavier and richer but I realized far too late in ‘the game’ that I was out. Oh well. These guys turned out good regardless of their beanlessness. That being said, I think they would have been even better avec les beans, just because they would have been heavier.

That aside, hey zeus! The batter was the kind that makes you lick the bowl until you end up looking like a child with your face covered in chocolate. It makes me think that orange whey + chocolate into a shake must be quite something as well.


167g  liquid egg whites
14g orange whey
24g cocoa
107g  greek yogurt (I would have used quark but I wanted to try some yogurt)
45g chocolate hemp protein powder (I used hemp vis-a-vis whey because in my opinion, brownies made with only whey always end up rubbery and kind of hum hum)
baking soda
25g sunflower seeds (add after mixing batter) 

Macros per Batch (makes 8):

72g protein
22g carbos (12g fiber)
24g fat


1. don’t judge a protein by it’s flavor alone

2. chocolate + orange -> oh yeah

3. beans in brownies continue to reign

4. Greek yogurt appears to work much like quark although I still think quark yields better brownies.

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