High Protein Caraway Tahini Bread

There was a jar of tahini paste from some hummus we made the other day and I thought “tahini + protein-bread = oh yeah” so in it went. It really doesn’t cease to shock me how breadlike this is considering its ingredients and the fact that it’s so low in carbos.


160g liquid egg whites
37g pea protein
17g brown rice protein
10g coconut flour
30g tahini paste
sea salt
baking powder
caraway seeds
some coconut


1. Mix

2. To the oven and boom -> that simple.

Macros per Serving (out of 9 slices):

1.2g carbs
7.7g protein
2.3g fat

Drizzled with olive oil alongside some eggs? fwaaa, that’s my way of jump starting the engine ;-)