Hemp Protein Carrot Cake

I used to have the exact same thing for breakfast, I’d cycle it but, still. The huge bowl of coconut egg white porridge lasted months. Then came protein pancakes which still feature every now and then but they’re always kind of different. I went through an egg white + avocado + sweet potato stage which lasted quite a while too.

But then I started thinking, ey, why not cook something more fun given that it’s usually my preworkout meal and it’s good to have a good one to kick off the day with a boom boom bam. So, whatever inspires. Today I opened the fridge and found a bag of carrots (and beets but one needs to set limits). Carrots = carrot cake it was.


108g grated carrots (one big one)
202g liquid egg whites
30g hemp protein (unflavored)
10g rice protein powder
18g coconut flour
6g apple fiber
orange peel (it’s in vogue in this kitchen right now)
ground cloves


1. Mix it.

2. Bake it.

Then came time for the frosting. I didn’t want whey, I wanted something powderless, so again to the fridge. Greek yogurt? Maybe? Well, it turned out surprisingly frosting-like!

Frosting Ingredients:

Total Greek Yogurt
half of a banana
2g coconut flour (for the added texture and the coconutness)
banana flavdrops
more ground cloves (the smell, THE SMELL!!!)
a drop of toffee

Macros per Serving (out of 2):
30g carbos (12.4g fiber)
31.5 protein
3.7g fat 

Here’s the rundown: http://www.hempnatural.com/hemp-protein-recipe-cards.php#Hemp_Carrot_Cake

The end product was superb! The trick is to not let it overcook. If it overcooks, it loses moisture and subsequently yumminess. The frosting idea I felt was a success, odd how one never finds banana-flavored yogurt because it’s actually quite nice. Bueno, I should add that the ‘cake batter’ above makes two giant squares and I had one which was plenty, had it warm -> oy! :-D

Next time, I’m thinking this would be even greater with some dates in there, for the sticky factor, and I forgot to add vanilla essence to the frosting which is always a plus.

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