Goat Whey Spinach Pancake Burgers

This was experiment numero uno with goat whey protein powder. 


1 scoop goat whey
62g cooked spinach
89g egg whites.


I made a pancake, cut it into squares, layered it with mayo, mustard, and ketchup and used it to sandwich a venison burger.

Macros per Serving:

68g protein
14g carbos

I am going to continue experimenting with goat whey because it’s definitely a ‘tricky’ one in that it tastes sweet but has an intense goat cheese smell; into savory pancakes and mixed with savory sauces, it’s absolutely delicious as it (obviously) has that goat-cheesiness yet it also has an added sweet undertaste.

Goat whey, per 30g = 113kcals, 19.6g protein, 6.9g carbo, and 1.2g fat. Compared to regular unflavored whey isolate, goat whey has more carbs (+6.3g), less protein (-7.4g), more fat (+1.2g) yet pretty much the same kcals. It’s an interesting flavor though, one that merits further exploration so expect to see lots of savory pancakes and crepes and scones and well, who knows?

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