Chocolate Fudgemuffin Protein Ice cream

Something about this ice cream, with the bits of muffin in there, inside this bowl, onto this spoon; the whole thing makes me smile. I always find myself owing and awing at chocolate in endearing vessels like this even though, really, this is probably a child-bowl and that is certainly a child-spoon and, given my age, I should be gravitating towards crystal. Oh well, c’est la vie ey? 


1 cooked sweet potato, sliced, frozen, and blended
chocolate hemp protein powder (could one use whey or casein instead? definitely)


1. The whole thing was then mixed with broken up pieces of protein hemp zucchini mini muffins bits

2. frozen -> waited for -> eaten -> smiled about and highly enjoyed.

Macros per Serving: N/A

I bet if I had had coconut milk around to throw into the ‘ice cream’ mix (real coconut milk that is, i.e. the fatty stuff in a can), it would have turned EVEN creamier. I guess the take home point is, next time you make a batch of good old protein muffins, keep a few to throw inside some ice cream.

The end product too will make you smile, whether you serve it on silly bowl like mine or on a regular flat-plate, a dessert bowl, a soup bowl, some crystal, a mug, a cone, a pint glass, or choose to eat it straight out of the tupperware, good old fashioned hell-yeah-mmmmmmm-!-style ;-)