Chocolate Casein Protein Powder Dark Chocolate Cups

OH YEAH! :-D Must I expand on this idea? :-)))))))


42g 85% chocolate bar (a bit less than half)
35g chocolate casein protein powder
orange peel

That. IS. IT.

They look kind of rough around the edges because I was seriously just experimenting with the idea, not sure whether it’d work too well so I threw aesthetics to the wind. Oh well, you can make them way prettier :-) I was going to use muffin paper cups but used truffle paper cups instead because I didn’t want to make a big batch (given that this was just an experiment). 


1. Melt the chocolate in a bain marie (I just throw the chocolate in a big glass bowl which I stick in on top of a small pot with boiling water).

2. Get some truffle cups out and pour the melted chocolate on the bottom.

3. Put them in the freezer for ~10 minutes until the chocolate hardens. Meanwhile, thicken up your casein (I used water to bring it to life but one could use milk instead) and add whatever you like for an extra kick (I added orange peel).

4. Take out the hardened chocolate out of the freezer and place the protein on top of the chocolate. Flatten it out (so they end up looking better than mine) and cover with more melted chocolate. Stick the whole lot in the freeze again until they’re hard and ready to eat and booooom! :-))))))

The above quantities yielded 5 casein chocolate cups!

Macros per Serving: N/A

(PS – you can probably use any kind of powder but casein has that creaminess to it and lightness so it’s probably more friendly for the task but really, any powder will do I’d imagine). Note: remember to store them in the freezer. They are SO crunchy and incredible after they’ve been in there for a while!!!


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