(ABCPWH Nut Butter & Hemp Seed Oil)

This has no powder so in theory it doesn’t belong BUT in practice it is one of powders’ best friends so that’s why I’m posting it, albeit in parentheses.


1 jar ABCPWH Nut Butter + Hemp Seed oil = 1 bag of Waitrose’s ‘Natural Mixed Nuts’ (30g cashews + 31g brazils + 43g almonds + 6g pecans + 21g walnuts + 52g hazelnuts)
6g hemp seed oil


1. Basically, get a bunch of nuts and roast them under your grill/broiler (you can dry fry them too but I prefer roasting).

2. They’ll start sweating and browning, shake them around on the baking tray once this happens (so they roast evenly).

3. Take them out when they’re hot, brown, and sweaty (it doesn’t take long so keep an eye on them (they smell incredible)).

4. Then, stick them in your food processor/mixer and blend for a few minutes (I added hemp nut oil so the mixture would be nicer to spread).

5. While blending, the mixture goes from grainy to buttery.

In a kernel: Roast nuts -> blend them (+/- oil, +/- chocolate, +/- spices, +/- whatever you like in your nut butters) -> done. 

Macros per 189g:

30g protein
30g carb (15.3g fiber)
111.9g fat (13.3 saturated)