Vanilla Protein Pancake Sandwiches with a Hemp & Whey Banana Filling

These guys end up with a really superb texture, more like that of ‘traditional’ pancakes (as in butter+flour+egg pancakes) thanks to this bad boy: the butter bean (!). 

It sounds odd, I know, but you really don’t need to use many beans, just a few add a really nice consistency to the whole thing and you can’t taste them at all if you flavor it right and make your batter sweet.


102g liquid egg whites
11g coconut flour
5g psyllium husks
33g butter beans
10g vanilla whey
33ml coconut milk
vanilla essence, lots of it


1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Now, as you can see, the ‘flour’ here comes from the coconut and the whey; the sweetness from the whey’s vanilla flavoring (so if you’re using unsweetened or not a very sweet whey, add a sweetening element to the batter).

3. Mush it up and boom –> to the pan onto sizzling coconut oil.

4. You can eat the pancakes with maple syrup, nut butter, well, anything you like really. I felt like turning them into ‘sandwiches’ so I made the filling out of frozen bananas (65gs), 18g of unsweetened whey and 8g of chocolate hemp, mashed up together (I actually wanted to use a fresh banana but I realized too late that I’d frozen all of them).

Oh, they’re so yummy! Lots of cinnamon on the whole thing of course. Take home point: consider butter beans as a texture booster! S

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

30g carb (13g fiber!)
41g protein
5.5g fat

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