Triprotein Muffin with Banana Protein Fluff

My banana protein fluff ended up a bit runny but this is because I think I added too much liquid (I added 25ml of coconut milk) but maybe it’s something that, like Ben said, has to do with using bananas instead of berries. That being said, heyza! mmmmmm! I love these muffins! A! Another batch has to be made because they are SO versatile and mmmmm *sigh*OK, so for the fluff, because I’m not a fan of fruity things too much, I tried to follow the basic gist of it using frozen sliced bananas and following Ben’s advice as a blueprint:

1/2 banana
25mL coconut milk
1 scoop vanilla whey


1. I used approximately 1/2 a banana (~60gs) which I had sliced and nicely frozen.

2. Threw that in a bowl and using first a blender, I mushed it to death with 25ml of coconut milk.

3. I then added a scoop of vanilla whey and, with a handheld whisker, whisked for a while until it began to fluff out of control.

4. This video really nails the process: using a banana. Anyways: delicious!!!!!!!!!!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

48g protein
25g carbs (5g fiber)
3.4g fat

 PS – try filling up the muffin with nut butter and chocolate before topping with fluff >:-D

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