Sun Dried Tomato & Pumpkin Seed Protein Pancake Burgers

“Why not just burgers?” Well, because they were kind of cakey, does that make sense?

They were like a pancake/burger fusion, hard to explain -> try them :-)


113ml coconut water (straight from the coconut)
29g unflavored hemp protein
128g liquid egg whites
21g quinoa flakes
21g pea protein
30g pumpkin seeds
24g applesauce
13g coconut milk


Mixed together, pan-fried into burger shapes, and topped with houmus, more sun dried toms, and good old nutritional yeast :-D

Macros per Serving (out of 9):

6.7g protein
4.4g carbos (1.3g sugars/2.3g fiber)
2.7g fat 

Something about the houmus + sundried tomato combo, ah! Had I had roasted red peppers, they would have gone on there too + avocado = mmm!!! I love stuff like these guys, so easy to make and fun to eat :-)