Protein Toffee Apples – Take 1

I couldn’t do the shell, the caramel shell so these are take 1. I thought about dipping it in chocolate and letting it dry for the aesthetics but to be frank, I just didn’t feel like eating chocolate (it happens).

After I dressed the apple, I stared at it for a while thinking about the outside coating. The mixture stayed put so that was good (in the sense that I was able to stare at it without fearing the whole structure would collapse and I’d be left with a sad looking bare apple clinging on to remnants of “toffee”). 

First thought was YES! NUTS! but I opened the cupboard only to realized I was out of nuts :-( Seeds? Thought about pumpkin and sunflower seeds but realized they’re too big and it’d end up looking like a round magnet that just attracted all sorts of randomness. Linseeds? nah… poppy seeds? hmm…. A WHOLE toffee apple coated in poppy seeds though? Too odd.

When all ideas run dry though, in the context of topping anything toffee and/or vanilla, one thing always comes to the rescue: cinnamon. Voila. I coated the coating in cinnamon.


15g vanilla whey protein
10g almond butter
toffee flavdrops
3g coconut flour
1 tablespoon coconut milk

 The apple, as you can see, was small and I stabbed it with a chopstick :-D Because of its size however, I believe I ‘accidentally’ ate the whole thing, seeds and core included. It was DELICIOUS! Looks a bit ridiculous though so I have to try again. Hopefully I won’t die as a result (“apple seeds => poisonous” apparently so if you see no more posts from me, you will know why (hehe, I’m (knocking on wood) kidding of course :-D))

Macros per Serving:

15g protein
12g carbo (8.8g sugar/4.1g fiber)
7.2g fat

If you make them, I reckon the second coat should be peanuts no? or walnuts or…mmm macadamia nuts….

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