Protein Pita Bread: A Sandwich

While my Protein Pita Bread is made on a nonstick, as you can see, instead of being pancakey, its breadlike, pitalike rather.


15g coconut flour
156g egg whites
4g wheat bran
15g pea protein
salt/caraway seeds (Bear in mind you can make it with whatever you fancy, e.g. chives and sea salt, sundried tomato and sea salt, grated coconut and pistachios, bla bla bla)


1. You fry it up like a pancake, flip it, cut it, use it like bread, with either one or two slices (like I did above)

2. Use it to scoop up hummus, baba ganoush, whatever you’d use a regular pita for. Easy as can be and yoohmay! (Yes, that’s a sweet potato in my sandwich).

Macros per Serving: N/A

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