Protein Cinnamon “Roll”

For a first try, actually, for a first try making something I DREAMT about, this turned out fantastic! The only issue I had (because let’s start with the bad news) is that my ‘technique’ of winging it with the flour (by pouring it straight out of the bag) led to an accidental overload of coconut flour (surprising?) which consequently made the dough too doughy and thus not ‘rollable’ enough (though certainly ‘foldable’ hehe).

So that’s the bad news. The good news is that this actually tastes like a cinnamon roll, it feels like a cinnamon roll, heck it IS a cinnamon roll!! mmm… *sigh*


161g whites (aka 4 egg whites)
10g coconut flour (when I wanted to use 5 (you could, in theory I imagine, use oat flour instead too or whatever)
17g unsweetened whey
11g vanilla whey
10g apple fiber (the apple fiber gives it that ummph cinnamon roll taste; it really brings out another dimension out of the cinnamon)


1. I baked this on a HOT coconut oil-oiled baking tray, spreading it out so it formed a kind of long rectangle.

2. Baked it at a medium-oven temperature.

3. On the side, I mixed in 14g of vanilla whey with 7g of brazil nuts (wanted to use walnuts but realized too late that I’d run out, anyways the brazils were a good call because mmmm) and a bit of maple syrup + cinnamon.

4. When it was done, I spread the cinnamon mix in the middle and… well, I rolled.

5. Here is where the flour accident became more apparent because, as you can see from the pic, it didn’t roll as dramatically as it should have. Moral of the story: when you make this, use a. more egg whites and/or b. less flour. Point is for the mix to be thick and stretchy and not overly breadlike (play with it). The mixture in the middle, you could play with that too by using even more; flavor-wise though, it really was amazingly cinnamon roll-ish.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

43.1g protein (boom boooom!)
16.4 carb (of which 8.3g = fiber)
7.9 fat (of which 2.7 sat)

I’m hoping Morpheus will keep these kinds of dreams ‘rolling’ hehe ;-)

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