Smoked Mackerel & Ricotta filled Hemp Protein Wrap

These babies turned out mmmm! Smoked mackerel…m mm mmm! Big fan of the stuff over here.


15g hemp protein powder (using Manitoba Harvest!)
117g liquid egg whites
66g butter beans
tiny bit of mustard
Korma powder and Paprika


1. Mixed ingredients

2. Fried on a nonstick.

3. On the side, I forked the smoked mackerel (i.e. took it apart with a fork) and added a whole (caramelized) onion + garlic, 36g of ricotta and tiny bit of mayo. C’est tout!

4. You can fold it, roll it, sandwich it, whatevs. I garnished it with paprika and cayenne and demolished it with some asparagi, yum.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

23g carbo (9g of which = fiber)
49g protein
36g of fat

Bear in mind that more than half of the cals and fat here come from the smoked mackerel so you can always cut back or use tuna to chop those numbers down hard :-)


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