Hemp Coriander Protein Panbread (more than a pancake, less than a bread) with Smoked Salmon & Tomato

Lately, I’ve been making all kinds of low-carb and protein-packed ‘bread loafs’ and ‘panbreads’ using veg protein powders. Having been inspired to get some oh-my-gosh-now-THAT-looks-good scottish salmon at the store today, I decided to make a coriander protein panbread to compliment.


105g egg whites
5g psyllium husks
15g hemp protein
fresh coriander
some sea salt
curry powder (obviously though, you can spice it however you like (you can for example, throw some sundried tomatoes in there; in terms of fish fillings though, coriander and dill go a long way)).


1. Mix the above ingredients.

2. The mixture was panfried on a nonstick and booom, ready.

3. When done, I spread some mayo on it, 150g of smoked salmon, some slices of tomato and dried parsley on top.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

18g protein
10g carbo (of which a whooping 7.8 = fiber!)
1.8g fat

It had a great bready texture (i.e. it wasnt overly ‘eggy’ like a say, an omelet) and m, mm, mmm! So, moral of the recipe: experiment with your veg proteins and make some (pan)breads to fill with whatever you want, they’re like bread, only better :-)

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