Fat Banana Hemp Protein Pancakes

I’m falling in love with hemp protein powder. I’ve been getting to know it better these last few days and *sigh* what a charmer! It’s a peculiar powder, a bit trickier to cook with, unfamiliarity fibrous for a protein powder and sometimes it does kind of taste a little bit of, well, grass. Not in the sense of cow-chow, more along the lines of wheatgrass or spirulina (something that, given its provenance, makes sense).

I am finding that the more I use it, the more my feelings for it grow. Incidentally, its amino acid profile is top notch which makes it a great locum protein powder as it were ;-) Here are some fat pancakes which by the way turned out delicious.

The thing with hemp protein that you will notice right away though is that, because of its color, your food will end up looking kind of ‘funky’ to the untrained eye. So, say you’re making a hemp chocolate pudding, well, it will quite possibly end up looking an unnattractive shade of greenish brown. One bite into it though and, you’ll throw the pudding’s appearance to the wind (here’s a great place to insert some don’t-judge-a-book-by-its-cover-chat). Anyways, before I lose the thread completely, here’s the ‘recipe’:


130g egg whites
30g hemp protein
2 tablespoons Quark
1 tablespoon coconut flour
20g sweet potato
95g banana
splash of almond milk


1. Mix it all up (remember this: hemp protein is an ‘absorber’).

2. Fried up these guys in some coconut oil and boom.

Macros per Serving: N/A

PS – aren’t pancakes the best when they get that golden edge, that yummy crispy brim? M, mm, mmm.

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