Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder & WB nut Butter filled 90% Dark Chocolates

Wordy name, I know, but one HAS to account for the breadth of flavors in these chocolates! Ahhhh! See, I’ve always DREAMNT of finding super dark chocolates filled with protein powder and nut butter and ta-daaaa :-D

They always say when one door closes another opens or… when something bad happens give it time and it may turn out to be for the best or… you know, one of those cliche sayings that turn a bad thing on its head?

Well, my measuring scale broke or, rather, I accidentally drowned it. So, this morning, I went to the kitchen store to get a new one. While standing there with the scale, waiting for a checkout person to appear, I saw these silicone chocolate molds hanging out on the side of the register. I thought about all I could do with a little silicone tray like that…. I conjured up images of protein powder filled chocolates (hemp, whey, brown rice), of super dark chocolates filled with almonds, with seeds, with goji berries…so I thought ‘what the hell’ and decided to buy it.

Wanting to use it later on at home, I opened the cupboard to see what nuts were around and found walnuts and brazils so WB nut butted it was. That’s when the whole thing came together.


50g walnuts
40g brazil nuts
40g 90% dark chocolate
57g chocolate hemp protein
10g cocoa
chili powder
coconut milk


1. I first made some WB nut butter by dry-frying 50g of walnuts with 40g of brazil nuts and mushing them in the food processor until they became nut butter.

2. Then, I got half a bar of 90% dark chocolate (40gs worth), melted it in a bain marie and poured a tiny bit of the melted choco into the silicone molds before sticking the tray in the freezer.

3. For the filling, I mixed 57g of chocolate hemp protein powder with 10g of cocoa, a bunch of cinnamon, vanilla essence, a pinch of chilli powder (I know) and WB nut butter + some coconut milk (enough to hold it all together and give it a nice consistency).

4. After 20 minutes, I took the silicone tray out of the freezer and filled each with the protein/nut filling before sticking it back in the freezer. After an hour, I took them out and AAAAA!!!!!! Delicious!!!!!

Macros per Serving (out of 20):

2.2g protein
1.2g carbo (0.8g fiber)
4g fat

I am sure these can be made with all kinds of proteins too and flavored a gazillion different ways! Oh the possibilities! :-))))) Say, a vanilla coconut filling? A toffee filling? Orange cinnamon? mm!! AAA!!! 

Endless, endless possibilities! You can play around with the macros too if, for example, say you reduce the amount of nut butter or use other kinds of nut butters or stick actual nuts inside, your fat grams would go down radically; similarly, if you used other kinds of protein (say, whey or a blend), your protein content would go up and so on. Ah this is just the beginning!

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