Ben’s Banana Protein Bread

I made this bread for breakfast, for breakfast on the road, for breakfast on the road with Ben. Now, Ben doesn’t eat much whey protein but, as a good old fashioned nutritionist, is more than friendly with a slice of the sugar free, the healthy, and the naturally high protein. So, I thought, what better than a hearty, healthy, and uhmmph-packing banana bread?Accompanied by on-the-road coffee, well, we both thought it was worthy of big smiles :-))))

Now, the beauty of it is that it is so incredibly easy to make and it ends up so sweet and moist and hazelcrunchy and mmm!


1 medium cooked sweet potato
1 medium ripe banana
3/4 scoop brown rice protein
1 scoop hemp protein
4-6 egg whites
2 tablespoons coconut flour
1/2 scoop quinoa flakes
22 hazelnuts (a handful)
baking soda
baking powder
vanilla essence


1. Blend it all together

2. Bake it at around 150 degrees celsius (medium oven temp)

3. Be amazed!!

Macros per Loaf:

55g protein
75g carbo (out of which 22g fiber!)
19g fat (out of which 2.1 sat fat)

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