Almond Coconut Protein Balls – by Propane Fitness

I asked the guys over at Propane Fitness to share some of their great food with this blog. See, they have this growing forum with lots of yum yum protein packed recipes; recipes that I’ve gone on to try and absolutely LOVE, e.g. Yusef’s orange flourless almond cake and Benjamin’s protein fluff? –> MMMM! So, to top THAT off here is THIS! :-))))))))) Guys, THANK YOU! “Mic over to ya,” as it were:

At Propane Fitness, we love protein powder *almost* as much as Anna. Here is one of our recipes from the forum that has been modified for more of a protein-kick. They taste fantastic and they’re also wheat-free for any of you who are intolerant to gluten. See, eating plain chicken breast every day does nothing to satisfy our sweet tooth. When you crave something chocolatey, turning back to your 4th can of tuna doesn’t even get close to ‘the spot’, let alone hit it. We were inspired when we stumbled across Anna’s website, showing us that a high-protein diet doesn’t have to be a pain.

These ‘balls’ are very versatile. Almond flour and coconut are the base, then the rest is up to you. They can be high carb, low carb, deeply chocolatey, have a hint of cinnamon, some lemon zest, I even added rose water to my last batch and they turned out great.


1 Pack Almond flour
1 Pack Dessicated coconut
1 cup sugar/sweetener
2 scoops Whey powder (can use hemp or egg powder too, chocolate/banana/vanilla type flavours would do well)
2 Eggs
1 cap vanilla essence
pinch ground Cardamom
100g Sugar (or splenda if you’re low-carbing it)
125g Butter
1 teaspoon ginger powder
1-2 tablespoons cocoa
Lashings of cinnamon


1. Melt the butter in the microwave, and add it to the rest of the ingredients in the bowl, MINUS half of the desiccated coconut.

2.  Mix into an even paste

3. Put the rest of the coconut on to a plate.

4. Roll the paste into balls and coat in coconut.

5. Refrigerate and serve: They can be as low or as high carb as you like, depending on if you use sugar or sweetener. The almond flour, eggs and whey boost the protein content. Enjoy!

Macros per Ball:

4g protein
9g carbs
10g fat

All of the macronutrients can be adjusted by making changes to the ingredients.

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