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Coconut Protein Crepe with a Protein Filling Topped with a Grilled Banana

This was madness indeed and the smell! ohhh-ahhh-ah! See, I was thinking of making a regular post-workout shake because I don’t make that many shakes anymore but when I got all the ingredients out, suddenly I thought: crepes.

And so, here it is: a coconut protein crepe with a whey/sweet potato/carrot/vanilla (and coffee) filling, topped with grilled banana, some pistachios, walnuts and cinnamon. The beauty too is that it takes like 5 minutes to make! (perfect post-workout, given the “window of time” hehe). Bla bla bla.


125g egg whites
11g coconut flour
4.5g brown rice
coconut milk
1 banana
lime juice
10g vanilla whey
11g brown rice protein
38g chickpeas
78g sweet potato
28g carrot


grilled banana


1. Blend 3 egg whites (125g of liquid whites) with 11g of coconut flour and 4.5g brown rice protein (the latter is not necessary but hey).

2. Add a tiny bit of coconut milk or, what I did, a shot of my coconut latte. Fry this on a nonstick spreading it pretty thinly (you’re making a crepe here not a pancake).

3. Slice up a banana, sprinkling it with some lime juice and grill it up. On the side, make the filling.

4. Now, I made mine with 10g of vanilla whey, 11g brown rice protein and 38g chickpeas but I think butter beans would be better and you can always skip the legumes altogether here, I just wanted more texture.

5. Anyways, added in half of a cooked sweet potato (78g) too in there and 28g of grated carrot (just because it was nearby). Mixed it up with a handheld and filled the crepe.

6. When done, I topped it with 30 (?) pistachio nuts and 10g of walnuts + some cinnamon + the crunchy grilled yummy banana and BOOOOM –> C’est tout!

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

47g protein
67g carbos (16g fiber)
19g fat (3g sat)


To make it lower cal, make a lighter filling. Also, think about layering it with nut butter! Mmmmm. TAKE HOME POINT:

1. Make crepes and fill with your protein-mixture of choice.

2. Consider grilling your bananas! The crunchiness is amazing!!

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