Spinach Soy Shirataki

This is the blob I referred to here. It’s amazing. 

See, the protein count went up dramatically (together with the fiber) because I accompanied ‘the blob’ with three slices of protein bread. Take out the protein bread and you’d be subtracting 121kcals!That’s right, the blob with toppings alone is under 60 kcals and oh so so filling!

For it, here, I just caramelized:

a whole sliced red onion in soy light soy sauce
added then some fresh spinach
a bit of cartoned coconut milk

…and that’s that. I just cut up two shirataki blobs (300gs) and threw them onto the pan. Then, bam, sprinkled the whole thing with 4g of nutritional yeast :-) Low carb yummmminesssss :-)))

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

22.4g protein
18g carbo (of which 6.5 = fiber)
3g fat