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Spicy Spice Coconut Protein Cookies


7g coconut oil
53g coconut flour
25g brown rice protein
25g whey protein
40g medjools
2 eggs
125g egg white
2g wheat bran
6g chia seeds
chilli powder
vanilla essence
ground coriander

= 17 cookies.

Macros per Serving: N/A

The thing with them was that they are not overly crunchy, more ‘cakey’ rather but, really, is this surprising? Because they have no flour/oats OR butter! but ah to me they are really tasty – full of spice and jam-packed with protein and ‘coconutness.’ With a cuppa tea? Fuuufwaaa! (I’m pumped to dunk them in some coffee tomorrow!)

PS – the amazingness of the cookie dough has really inspired me to try this mix of flavors in other things, like muffins, cakes, even protein shakes! Who would have thought a pinch of ground coriander would go into a cookie nah? But bam! tasty ;-)

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