Protein Spinach Florentine Quiche on a High Protein Crust

This is my first ever protein quiche. I approached the idea of protein quiches without really knowing what I was doing so I’m thrilled with the result! They look like flying saucers because of I used a Yorkshire Pudding baking tray and uh… because this was kind of an experiment, hehe ;-)


41g brown rice protein
1 egg
18g wheat bran
8g coconut flour


1. I mixed 41g of brown rice protein with 1 whole free-range, organic, and delicious whole egg.

2. To that, I added 18g of wheat bran and coconut flour (8gs). 

3. Basically, I was trying to go for a doughy consistency (this is how I got to the numbers above so you can just do it ‘by eye’ too). I added a bit of warm water until it formed a ball that wasn’t really wet or sticky.

4. Added some sea salt, rolled it around some more, and proceeded to pre-heat the oven. Then, with my fingers, I pushed down the dough into the two little baking tray things. 

5. Now, I don’t have a proper quiche baking tray (yet) so if you make this and have one, use it instead! Or even maybe a muffin one for a bunch of little ones? Anyways, I baked them solo for a good 10 minutes


egg whites
caramelized onions
extra virgin olive oil
nutritional yeast


1. Top them and cook them till ready.

2. When done, I just drizzled a bunch of extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled some nutriyeast on top for the cheesiness factor.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

8g fat
13 carb
a whooping 41.4g protein! :-D

Next time I do this, I might throw in some nuts into the mixture so if you make your own base, consider doing that too! (I’m thinking almond flour, pecans, walnuts?) Mmmm :-)))))

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