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Protein Orange Almond Cake

I’m in shock at how at how absolutely delightful this turned out to be. The whole thing: WHAT. A. TREAT! This experiment began when I saw Yusef’s adaptation of his mom’s recipe here Immediately, given that I love almonds oranges and orange cake, winked at me fiercely, screaming to be made -> with protein powder. Ah, la, la! OK, this is what I did: I followed Yusef’s recipe above but cut it by a 3rd so I could make a smaller cake since this was an experiment.


1 orange
53g vanilla whey
vanilla essence
2 egg yolks
80g almonds
baking powder
5g extra virgin olive oil
2 egg whites


1. First, I boiled a whole (washed, obviously) orange until it was soft. When soft (so a knife went in easily), I cut off the top and bottom and cut it in half to deseed it only to discover it was seedless anyways. It then went into the food processor until a mush was made.

2. In a bowl, I mixed in 53g of vanilla whey, vanilla essence, and 2 egg yolks. Then, to this, I added 80g of roughly ground almonds, some baking powder, 5g of extra virgin olive oil and cinnamon (Yusef’s recipe doesn’t call for olive oil but I thought it’d be good; his recipe also doesn’t call for cinnamon but as you probably know by now, I can’t get enough of the stuff).

3. In another bowl, I beat 2 egg whites to stiff peaks. The orange/whey mixture was then folded into the egg whites.

4. When more or less combined, the whole thing was put on a coconut-oiled cake trey and baked for about 20 minutes at 180 degrees, (celcius).

5. When it came out (smelling insanely), I had a bite and flipped out because, well, it’s delicious!

6. After the second bite though, I thought about how it really reminded me of French Toast so I added some maple syrup to the whole thing and even more cinnamon. Oh ho ho!! I ended up getting 8 fat but small slices out of the whole thing.

Macros per Serving (out of 8):

8.5g protein
8.2g carbos (3.25g fiber)
6.7g fat (0.7g saturated)

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