Mussel Leek & Spinach Shirataki – A Story


3g coconut oil
2 big leeks
3 cloves garlic
180g mussels
50g ricotta
10g pea protein
soy sauce
olive oil
Nutritional yeast


1. Once upon a nonstick, 3gs coconut oil was melting when two big sliced leeks disturbed it. Short thereafter 3 cloves of garlic showed up. They got to know one another, cooked together, browned a bit together, and as they were softening up, suddenly they were disturbed. AA!!

2. On them landed 180g of cooked mussels, a cup of cooked spinach, 50g of ricotta, 10g of pea protein and a storm of shirataks. It then began to rain soy sauce and coriander.

3. Boom boom boom they danced and onto a plate they landed before they were covered by 10mls of olive oil and 5gs of nutritional yeast. This is when Mr. Fork showed up and….The end

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

51.2g protein
17g carbos (17g fiber)
22g fat