Protein Fishcakes

Fish cakes are, by definition, usually protein packed so ‘protein fishcakes’ is kind of a hum-hum name. But see, usually regular fish cakes are packed with potatoes, bread, bread crumbs, bla bla bla and end up being, in my taste, kind of heavy.

I’m not saying they’re not good, I mean A!! there are some delicious fish cakes out there! but I just wanted to experiment with a random idea and here I am throwing it out to you too.


35g chickpeas
11g pea protein
1 can of sardines in brine (could use canned tuna though, or canned salmon, or flaked salmon, or, mackerel, or a combination of all!)
caramelized onions
20ml hemp milk
46g egg whites
dried sage
some lemon
soy sauce
sea salt

Macros per Serving: N/A

They turned out REALLY good – moist, they held together, really tasty and lovely with mustard and/or mayo!