Zucchini/Courgette Protein ‘Bread’ with a Sweet Potato & Pistachio Turkey Cranberry Quorn Filling

It looks quite funny and I suppose the concept itself is somewhat bizarre but, would you believe me if I said that it was actually quite delicious? See, I was feeling like having a sandwich so I made a ‘loaf’ of ‘bread’ with…


4 egg whites
1 whole egg
114g drained grated zucchini/courgettes
20g quinoa flakes
20g pea protein
7g hemp seeds
3g golden linseeds
some baking powder
some salt


1. Baked it and filled it with 86g sweet potato mashed up with 20g of pistachio nuts and 80g of turkey/cranberry quorn slices + some mayo.

2. The result? four of these funky sandwiches.

Macros for all 4 Sandwiches:

52g protein
32g carbos (10g fiber)
22g fat