A Vanilla/Carrot Protein Ice Cream on a Hawwwt Dark Chocolate Cookiecake

OK-so-first you got to make your cookiecake.


103g egg white
48g brown rice protein
2 big fat medjools (or, if you want to use honey I’d say a good 15gs?)
20g cocoa (mind you I love dark chocolate so maybe this is too much for some peple)
113 grated zucchs
8g Quark (could really use cottage cheese or what I wish I had, a bunch of cooked sweet potatoes!)
20g golden linseeds

For “ice cream”:

60g frozen baby carrots
25g vanilla whey
vanilla essence
coconut milk


1. I just mixed this roughly with a spoon (don’t want to use a blender because you lose the texture of the zucchs and it all becomes a watery mess).

2. Baked for a bit and broke into 9 round cookie type balls.

3. When ready, I blended 60gs of frozen baby carrots with 25g vanilla whey, vanilla essence and bit of cinnamon (+ a bit of coconut milk).

4. Layered ice cream, cookie, icec ream and topped with more cinnamon: BOOOOM! Yum :-)))))

Macros per Serving: N/A